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  • Providing Free Specially Designed Bikes For Disabled U.S. Military Veterans!

    Angel Bikes, Inc. Is A New York State Not-For-Profit Corporation With 501 (C)(3) Tax Exempt Status

    All Angel Bikes Are Made In The U.S.A.

    We Have Endowed  31  Angel Bikes To Disabled Veterans And Counting!

    Wherein lies the strength of our military and country?

    Not in its sophisticated planes, tanks or high tech missiles.  Not in its economic prowess.  Not the level of adoration bestowed upon elected leaders or appointed officials, for these things are merely prestige.

    The true strength of America lies with its people - their willingness to move the nation forward, their willingness to work together, their courage and determination, the cherishing of their history and their optimistic gaze to the future, their industriousness and valuing of honest, hard work.  With such a people, no foreign government or enemy can stop or frustrate Americans.  The United States has and continues to produce the greatest military service personnel in the world.

    "The strength of an army does not lie in their numbers alone.  Tell me how they are treated by their leaders, are they honored and glorified by their people, are they granted great gifts and tributes for their bravery?  Tell me of these things and I shall tell you of their strength." - Julius Caesar, 49 BC.

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