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  • Our Angel Bikes Heroes!

    It is with the greatest appreciation for their military service to our nation that we are honored to provide them with free Angel Bikes.  These are men and women who have stepped forward to defend our American way of life, the freedoms we enjoy as citizens and the protection they provide against the deadly and evil forces of terrorism.

    A number of disabled veterans have asked to remain anonymous and we have agreed to respect their wishes.

    Angel Bike Recipient Branch of Service Angel Bike Recipient Branch of Service
    Captain James Byler U.S.M.C. Corporal Kevin Vaughan U.S.M.C.
    Maria Marte U.S.M.C. L. Corporal William R. Ventura, Jr. U.S.M.C.
    Corporal Rebecca Fletcher U.S.M.C. Jeff Holland U.S. Army
    Ernesto Arguelles U.S.A.F. Specialist Andi Bella Broom U.S. Army
    Corporal Luis Ramache U.S.M.C. Adam Hartswick U.S. Army
    S. Sergeant Brandon Dodsen U.S.M.C. Edward Afandor U.S.M.C.
    Captain Luis Avila U.S. Army 1st Lt. Anthony Kemp U.S.M.C.
    Corporal Chris Levi U.S. Army L. Corporal Rachel Fredericks U.S.M.C.
    Kevin Bittenbender U.S. Army William Lipczynski U.S. Army
    S. Sergeant Robert Dove U.S. Army Sergeant Franz Ulrich Walkup U.S. Army
    Corporal Stephen A. Ayhens U.S.M.C. Raymond Harewood U.S.A. F.
    Captain Ben Harrow U.S. Army Robert Schlaich U.S. Army & Navy
    G. Sergeant William Ward U.S.M.C. Specialist Michael Gaynor U.S. Army
    Sergeant Edwin Gonzalez U.S. Army Gary Everette U.S. Army

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