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  • Qualifications And Application To Be Gifted an Angel Bike!

    Your disability does NOT need to be service connected!

    Angel Bikes, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501C New York State charitable corporation that provides Hand Cycles, Recumbent Cycles and Tandem Bikes (for blind veterans) free of charge to those active duty and U.S. military veterans who qualify to receive an Angel Bike.  By applying, you understand that Angel Bikes, Inc. will verify and confirm your qualifications for a bike before approval.  Angel Bikes, Inc. will review your application and reserves the right to deny application approval.

    Angel Bikes, Inc. offers three kinds of bikes:

    A.  Hand Cycle - Three-wheeled, hand powered (right or left hand controls).  For leg amputees, traumatic brain injury veterans ("TBI") with serious balance issues resulting in a total inability to ride a standard two wheel bike, spinal cord injuries, severe knee and/or hip injuries.  Seats are adjustable and can be reclined to the recumbent position for the comfort of the rider.  A device can also be added to support a prosthetic arm.

    B. Recumbent Trike - Three wheeled, leg powered folding cycle.  Seats are adjustable and can be reclined to the recumbent position, taking pressure off back, hips and knees.  Can also benefit "TBI" veterans with serious balance issues.  For back injuries where legs can be used.  A device can also be added to support a prosthetic arm.

    C. Tandem Bike - A bicycle ridden by two people.  FOR BLIND VETERANS ONLY!

    After we have reviewed your application and if you have been approved, we will require additional specific detailed information.  This information will include additional physical requirements, detailing of the bike to reflect your branch of service and particulars related to the plaque that is mounted on the rear of each bike.  Detailing and plaques are shown on our Home page images.

    We will be working with a local veterans organization in your area. They will be our representatives coordinating with us to fulfill delivery of your Angel Bike. The Angel Bike will be shipped to them, they will assemble it and make the presentation to you.

    Before the Angel Bike is purchased on your behalf by us, you will be required to sign a release form understanding that once you have received your Angel Bike that Angel Bikes, Inc. has no responsibility, liability or obligations with regard to your use of the Angel Bike.  You understand it becomes your sole property and Angel Bikes, Inc. has no further association with the Angel Bike and your use of it.  In addition, we will request that you allow us to use your name, photos, likeness and biographical information for the sole purpose of furthering the Angel Bikes, Inc. mission to furnish Angel Bikes to all U.S. military veterans who want and need them.

    You will be furnished with the manufacturer's warranty and Angel Bikes, Inc. will assist you in regard to warranty issues.  We will not be responsible for any shipping costs associated with the manufacturer's warranty.

    To download and print your Angel Bikes application:  Click Here!

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